Casserole Fundraiser

St. John Cassian Casserole Sale

Everyone needs quick meals from time to time, but frozen casseroles are often filled with preservatives, questionable ingredients, and fillers. Ours are hand made, family recipes that we’re happy to share with your family.

All-Time Favories:

• 1) Ita’s Chicken Pot-Pie – This is a true comfort food classic, just like your grandma used to make. Meaty chuncks of tender chicken combined with mixed vegetables in a creamy sauce, topped with a thick buttermilk biscut crust. Simply delicious!

• 2) Justinian’s Lasagna – An authentic taste of northern Italian home cooking. From the hand made, secret family recipe Italian sausage to rich egg and ricotta filling, this lasagna is probably the best you’ll ever eat.

• 3) Tim’s King Ranch Casserole – A Texas classic! A creamy casserole filled with your favorite Tex-Mex flavors, featuring marinated, grilled chicken and topped with delicious Colby-Jack cheese. Forget “Taco Tuesday”— this casserole is a go-to when you want to feed that Tex-Mex craving.

CASSEROLE OF THE MONTH: Zucchini Moussaka – This light and delicious twist on a Greek Classic is perfect for summer and will make you hungry for more. A layer of grilled zuchini with a Greek-spiced meat and tomato filling, topped with a light but decadent bechamel sauce makes this a must-have. Limited supply, so get one before it’s too late!

Each casserole will feed 4-6 people.
Cost is $30.

Order online using the contact form below, or call 205-965-7381.

In addition to your name and email address, please include your phone number along with which casserole you would like, and when you would like to pick it up. Also, for your convenience, Friday and Saturday deliveries are possible. Please indicate if you need delivery in the contact form.